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Are you leveraging the latest marketing trends? Are you attracting new customers and repeat business? Staying on top of the latest marketing trends and ensuring that your campaigns are successful is a full-time job.

At Gordon Food Service, we employ knowledgeable professionals that can help you develop an effective on trend food marketing program that will help boost sales and grow your business. We also have many resources available to you as a customer to increase food sales.

Culinary Research and Development

Gordon Food Service can help you reinvigorate your menu with new recipes, concepts, and discoveries. We conduct statistical and media research, all so we can keep you ahead of the culinary curve.

We deliver our culinary expertise in a variety of methods and formats. As a Gordon Food Service customer you will have access to:

  • Chef-driven research and development
  • 20+ Recipe "decks" with nearly 2,000 Kitchen-tested recipes
  • YouTube cooking technique videos


Every day, we consult with customers, manufacturers, farmers, legislators, and other industry professionals to dig deep into the issues that matter the most to you. We examine these issues and offer easy-to-implement advice, strategies, and solutions through a variety of publications offered to you exclusively as a Gordon Food Service customer.

  • Full range of foodservice marketing publications that give you the most up to date industry information.
  • Listed Publications
    • Next Course

      • Restaurant industry information, recipes, trends, and more
      • Timely, detailed, unbiased editorial content


      • Healthcare foodservice trends, recipes, resources, and more
      • Key regulatory and industry updates

      Food Zone

      • Education foodservice trends, products, nutrition guidelines, and more
      • Legislative updates and analysis

      Sales and Marketing Guides

      • One per theme: catering, comfort foods, pizza, sandwiches, and more
      • Themed recipes, product photos, and trend tips

      Building your business

      • Practical business solutions with rebate incentives
      • Product information for private and national brands

      This Just In

      • Quick visual guide to new private-and national-brand products, and more
      • Visual photography and informative descriptions

      Insider Info

      • Timely market and product updates, coupon and rebate info, and more

      Tools of the Trade

      • 400+ page catalog of all non-food products we offer

      Nutrition Guide

      • Quick reference tool for health and wellness categories
      • Find trans fat-free items, low-sodium products, supplements, and more

      School Food Service Menu Templates

      • Electronic monthly and seasonal menus, with both 7-day and 5-day cycles

      Making the Grade

      • USDA meal criteria, nutrition information, kids’ activities, and menu suggestions and templates

Food Marketing Services

The most expensive thing in your establishment is an empty seat. An effective food marketing program can dramatically improve your food sales and profitability. But consistent marketing takes time-something that is in short supply for many foodservice operators. Our marketing services are available to you as a Gordon Food Service customer.

  • Choose from a variety of branding concepts reflecting different cuisines
  • Select signage, merchandising materials, food photos, and more
  • Customize materials to your business
Limited Time Offers
  • Full LTO menus
  • 24/7 access to develop low cost LTO to drive your brand message
Mobile Marketing
  • Deliver texts on a regular schedule
  • Posters and table tents to market your text club
  • One-on-one training to get you started
  • Gather customer data to personalize messages
  • Sign up customers through Facebook, website, email
Marketing Services
  • Menu Design
  • Website Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Gift and Reward Cards - Increase Loyalty

Talk to your Gordon Food Service representative or become a distribution customer to develop an effective food marketing program and increase your food sales.

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