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The Business of School Food Service

School food service directors must grapple with a host of issues in addition to producing a high volume of nutritious and delicious meals:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Food safety
  3. Budget pressures
  4. Changing regulations
  5. Fluctuating funding
  6. Brand-savvy kids
  7. Demanding parents

Gordon Food Service can help you manage your program with products, online support resources and management, an educated team of registered dietitians, and more.

Food Service Products

Gordon Food Service has an extensive offering of products designed specifically for the education food service segment. Product options include quality meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, and beverages. You can find more information about the products we offer on our product categories page. Learn More

School Food Service Solutions

You want a team of professionals experienced in the school food service industry that you can rely on to analyze and streamline your operation. Additionally, keeping up with regulations and best practices in nutrition, from kindergarten through college, is also important. As a Gordon Food Service customer, our school foodservice solutions will help you:

Online Support and Management

A full menu of technology tools is available to support your school food service operation. As a Gordon Food Service customer, you will be able to take advantage of the following tools:

  • GFS Experience

    An online resource that helps Gordon Food Service customers manage the day-to-day food service business details. It offers a wide array of proven ideas, programs, and services that are relevant to school food service programs.
  • Cycle Menu Management

    A software program that offers an easy and economical way to manage recipes, cycle menus, control food costs, meet nutrition requirements, and increase food service satisfaction.
  • Custom Concepts

    Provides image-building services that can help create restaurant-style dining experiences in school cafeterias. The program includes brand names, logos, menu ideas, recipes, signage, and merchandising materials.
  • Inventory Manager

    Good inventory management is an essential part of managing cash flow. Knowing what’s moving on your shelf and what’s collecting dust or spoiling is the key to growing sales. The Inventory Manager application will help you manage your inventory and set up good practices, allowing you to reduce excess stock and strengthen margins.
  • Commodity Management

    Inventory, monitor, and manage your commodities efficiently with our exclusive School Commodity Tracking (SCT) system. Working in tandem with GFS Experience, SCT allows you to manage all of your commodity activity. The SCT system will keep you fully informed throughout the entire school year, providing pricing integrity, real-time utilization, a detailed record of all sales transactions, and much more.

Nutrition Resource Center

Staffed by Registered Dietitians, the Nutritional Resource Center is an excellent source of information to you as a Gordon Food Service customer and can advise on food safety and food allergies - both vital issues for school food service.

What area of your school food service operation can be improved?

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