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  • GFS Marketplace Recipe

    Page 1. BBQ Bacon Jack Burger ... barbecue sauce on bottom half of toasted bun and top
    with patty. Top burger with bacon slices, laid in a criss- cross pattern. ...

    http://www.gfs.com/files/pdf/gms/recipes/BBQBaconJackBurger.pdf -

  • Current News & Events | Gordon Food Service

    ... Read full story Posted February 3rd, 2014 - Distribution Services. Six Degrees
    of Bacon [Pork Belly, Too]. From beer-battered bacon ...

    http://www.gfs.com/en/about-us/news-events-list.page?page=2&type=all - 23k

  • Breakfast Entrées - Prepared Entrées - GFS.com

    ... Egg, Bacon & Cheddar Scramble. Reorder No. 760900 4/72 oz., 48/6 oz. portions.
    Scrambled eggs, hearty potatoes, and bacon layered with a creamy cheese sauce. ...

    http://www.gfs.com/en/subdomains/gfs-entrees/breakfast-entrees.page - 31k

  • Hash Brown Omelet Bake - Prepared Entrees - GFS.com

    ... 760900, GFS® Egg, Bacon and Cheese Scramble, thawed, 1 pan. ... Wash Hands. Thaw the
    egg, bacon & cheddar scramble and hashbrown bake in the refrigerator overnight. ...

    http://www.gfs.com/en/subdomains/gfs-entrees/recipes/hash-brown-omelet-bake.page - 21k

  • Current News & Events | Gordon Food Service

    ... Wienerschnitzel celebrated its 50th anniversary by introducing a bacon-wrapped
    hot dog as a limited-time offering. It comes in three ...

    http://www.gfs.com/en/about-us/news-events-details.page?dcr=d-hot-dogs-draw-inspiration.xml - 25k

  • Gordon Food Service

    ... Regional Sausage Preferences Guide 9 Crumbles 10 Mini Meatballs 10 Bacon 11 Chicken
    13 Seafood 14 ... Signifies items available at GFS Marketplace stores. Bacon ...

    http://www.gfs.com/sites/en/subdomains/trendingnow/mediterranean/downloads/Above_the_Crust.pdf -

  • GFS Marketplace Recipe Oriental Cocktail Franks

    ... Ingredients: 1 Package Cocktail Franks 1 – 16 oz. Package of Bacon 2 cups Dark Brown
    Sugar 2 tbsp. Soy Sauce Directions: Cut the bacon slices in half. ...

    http://www.gfs.com/files/pdf/gms/recipes/oriental-cocktail-franks.pdf -

  • Menu - Catering - Trending Now - GFS.com

    ... Bacon wrapped kobe meatloaf. Meat and potato lovers will love this option
    on any catering menu! Kobe ... Bacon and chorizo dates. Bacon ...

    http://www.gfs.com/trendingnow/catering/menu - 34k

  • Featured Recipes - Prepared Entrées - GFS.com

    ... Beefy Potato Skins; Brandied Apple Brie. Breakfast. Grilled Mexican Style Chorizo
    Breakfast Bake; Eggs, Bacon, Cheddar Breakfast Bake with Tomato | Watch it; ...

    http://www.gfs.com/en/subdomains/gfs-entrees/featured-recipes.page - 44k

  • Twisted Green Bean Casserole - Prepared Entrees - GFS.com

    ... 357220, GFS Bacon Topping, 1 lb. ... In a bowl, combine green bean casserole, half of
    the fried onions, half of the bacon topping and all of the cheddar cheese. ...

    http://www.gfs.com/en/subdomains/gfs-entrees/recipes/twisted-green-bean-casserole.page - 20k

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