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Add bright pops of color and flavor with roasted beets, sautéed broccoli, lightly charred grape tomatoes, sweet peppers, and spicy wild arugula. Shredded turkey with a piri piri spice rub, tender rainbow kale salad mix, avocado and a tangy lemon tahini sauce. Piri Piri? More like yummy, yummy. Fonio: the new supergrain that will make you say quino-what?
Looking for a meatless option on the traditional club sandwich? Try our Garden Vegetable Club with taproot vegetables, eggplant, kohlrabi, and dilled cream cheese stacked between some grilled ciabatta. •
Full Recipe at
I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but when we said “new cheesecake line-up” we kind of went all out. Like, 19 new flavors, all out. Trust us, each one is worth every bite. We’re not kidding. Cinnamon Maple French Toast Bread Pudding. Worth the mouthful, no utensils needed. NEW: Sienna Bakery Chocolate Layer Cake made with Fair Trade Chocolate & Cocoa. Luscious chocolate on chocolate makes this a decadent treat to add to your dessert menu. There’s nothing ancient about the burst of flavor in this grilled veggies and ancient grains bowl! Spice it up your own way for a unique twist.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake Mash-Up. We know, it’s a mouthful!
Soup’s on at your favorite restaurant! Warm up with these NEW Brickman’s soups for Fall. 🍂🍁 Add excitement to roasted cauliflower with color and flavor that define veg-centric eating. Anchovies and garlic team up with toasted pine nuts, charred peppers, balsamic pickled raisins, and deep-fried capers. •
Full Recipe at: Octopus is sliding it’s way into the food trend spotlight! What do you think about this dish? 🐙