Gordon Food Service Cares About Community 

Gordon Food Service believes in the importance of a charitable community. In recognizing the importance of community involvement and to ensure that the contributions available are used for the intended purposes, certain guidelines have been established for donation of funds and product by the company. 

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Requesting A Financial or In-Kind Donation 

To request a Gordon Food Service donation, please submit your request in writing on the letterhead of the organization. Provide some information about your group and the upcoming event (i.e. purpose, history, who will benefit from the event, etc.).

Be as specific as you can about what you are asking for (type of product, quantity, etc.), and how this investment will benefit the community or group you are serving. If you are a Gordon Food Service customer, please include your customer number on the letter. 

Please be advised that contributions of funds or products can be made only to charitable {501(c)3} and educational groups. Please note that fax or email requests can not be accepted, and Gordon Food Service Stores do not process charitable requests. 

Please address your letter to the Donations Committee (address below) and allow three weeks from the time we receive it in Grand Rapids for processing.

Gordon Food Service, Inc.
P O Box 1787
Grand Rapids MI 49501

The notification of our decision will be sent in writing to the address on your letterhead, and we wish you and your organization much success with your event.