Pinnacle Realty Services

Pinnacle Realty Services provides expertise in the areas of site selection, property and land acquisition, facility design, land development, construction management, leasing, and facility disposition.

As a key customer, Pinnacle assists Gordon Food Service in the development and management of many real estate properties planned or currently occupied by Gordon Food Service and Gordon Food Service Store.   Pinnacle Realty Services acts as the exclusive Third Party Company for development, lease consulting, and acquisition for the Family of Gordon Food Service Companies.

Gordon Food Service Stores continue to expand in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Florida, Tennessee, and Kentucky. If you have information on a 1.5 to 2.5 acre site in a major market commercial area, please contact Rick Morgan, Bill Casey or Ryan Sytsma (see below).

For more information on Florida, Kentucky, and Tennessee sites, contact Rick Morgan.
Telephone: (616) 889-3844
Fax: (616) 717-9315

For more information on Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Missouri sites, contact Ryan Sytsma.
Telephone: (616) 717-6648
Fax: (616) 717-8875

For more information on Pennsylvania, Chicago (Chicagoland), and Ohio sites, contact Bill Casey.
Also contact Bill Casey for more information on Warehousing and Distribution Opportunities.
Telephone: (616) 717-7063
Fax: (616) 717-9582

General Contact Info
Pinnacle Realty Services
PO Box 1812
Grand Rapids, MI 49501
Phone: 616-717-7063

Please contact the area real estate manager listed above for Gordon Food Service Surplus Property for sale.