Environmental Impact

Our Operations Mean A Sustainable Future

We strive to maintain sustainable operations and offer sustainable products to our customers. We plan to advance these goals with the following strategies:

Sustainable Operations

  • Our facility designs incorporate Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) principles resulting in environmentally friendly, energy-efficient facilities. In addition, we comply with regulatory directives related to green space legislation and facility emissions.
  • Focused energy management is a key strategic initiative for our company. We are committed to designing and operating facilities that maximize energy performance while conserving consumption. We assess opportunities provided by renewable energy resources, and utilize energy-efficient HVAC and refrigeration systems that minimize direct impact to ozone depletion and global warming.
  • Efficient water management conserves natural resources while ensuring its sustainability. Currently, several of our distribution centers utilize retention ponds to capture site run-off. Where practical, we evaluate the use of this water for irrigation purposes. We also utilize chemical-free treatment processes for water used in our cooling applications.
  • Fleet compliance practices assure that our Gordon Food Service tractors and trailers comply with federal and state emissions standards. All of our equipment is regularly maintained to minimize the impact of our equipment on overall air quality.
  • Disciplined routing and load-building practices maximize the utilization of our equipment, reducing total miles driven and fuel consumption. We utilize technology to monitor daily equipment performance and routing opportunities.
  • Inbound freight management drives efficiencies within our supply network. We are focused on sourcing products close to our distribution centers. We aggressively pursue backhaul opportunities to limit overall supply chain miles and their associated carbon footprint.
  • Alternative fuel options are regularly reviewed. We work closely with our equipment suppliers to develop specifications that reduce fuel consumption. When an alternative fuel source is identified that provides substantiated energy savings and reduces environmental impact, we will be in a position to execute accordingly.
  • Post-consumer waste reduction is a key element in minimizing environmental impact. We are committed to increasing our use of recycled-content material and increasing plastic and paper recycling. We are also reducing paper use by means of electronic data transfer and online document storage.

Sustainable Products

  • We minimize environmental impact by focusing on the way our products are manufactured, the raw materials they utilize, or the way they can be disposed of or recycled.
  • Organic and natural products represent a growing percentage of our new product offering. We strive to follow or exceed standards for organic or natural products as determined by the USDA. 
  • Sustainable sources of supply are paramount to environmental preservation. We are proud to partner with manufacturers and producers that demonstrate strong sustainable practices which minimize the depletion of natural resources. We support local sources of supply when product availability, food safety, and quality are not compromised.
  • The distribution of safe product is a principal objective. We are committed to providing high-quality products that meet regulatory specifications and customer expectations. Standard and consistent operating procedures, GFS brand specification processes (including third-party audit requirements), highly responsive product recall procedures, and a closed-loop customer feedback system are examples of our commitment to product quality.

Annual Stewardship Report

Being a responsible steward is a top priority for our company - from the way we impact the planet we live on, to the people we employ, and the communities we live and work in. We’re committed to improvement and responsible growth, and we are excited to share our 2016 Annual Stewardship Report as it outlines our accomplishments, and the areas we will continue to focus on. 

View our Stewardship Report Infographic Summary