Buy Local With Confidence

What Is NearBuy?

NearBuy helps you understand which products meet your criteria for local and provides ideas for other products you could source to include even more local menu items.

NearBuy in Your State

We provide a list of suppliers, manufacturers and growers by state so you can learn more about where products come from.

NearBuy Reporting

Identify your local purchases and/or products available for purchase with a comprehensive report based on how you define local. Your sales representative will work with you to complete a report request based on your interest in using the following parameters: 

Geography: how do you define local?

  • According to a standard definition (your state and within 400 miles), or
  • By state(s), or
  • By any mile-radius from a ZIP code

Supply Chain: which stages of the product life cycle would you like to include when we create your report?

  • If there's a primary ingredient (2/3 or more of the product's composition), the location of where the ingredient was grown or raised
  • Location of the product manufacturers
  • Location of the supplier's headquarters

Product Offering: what product information are you looking for? 

  • Your local purchases for the past 12 months
  • All local products available regardless of your purchase history 

Talk to your sales representative about requesting a NearBuy report or type "talk to sales rep" in the Ask Gordon Now chatbot.