Responsible Sourcing

We conduct business with suppliers who share our commitment to sourcing products from stable, responsible and sustainable supply chains. 

Products - We offer a comprehensive portfolio of private and national brand products to meet the evolving needs of our customers. As consumer interest in local, clean label and sustainably sourced products grows, we continue to respond with products that are free from, sustainably sourced or create less waste.

Supply Chain - We partner with manufacturers and producers that demonstrate strong sustainable practices which minimize the depletion of natural resources. We have always insisted suppliers meet our industry-leading standards for food quality, safety and traceability and comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Food Safety - We are responsible to our customers and their consumers for maintaining the highest standards of product safety, quality and consistency. Our centralized approach to quality assurance ensures best practices are universally applied at all DCs, preventing many common food safety hazards before they begin.

Local Food Sourcing - We know firsthand the importance of supporting local businesses, and we are intentional in our pursuit of those suppliers. We are committed to supporting local suppliers when product availability, food safety and quality are not compromised. Learn more about our commitment to locally sourced products.

Learn more about our initiatives and progress in our 2017 Annual Stewardship Report.