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For over 115 years, we have been driven to providing our best to our customers, and to our employees. As the largest family-operated food service distributor in North America, we have a long history of pursuing positive partnerships and innovative ideas, so that we can continue to grow and help you achieve your professional goals.

Gordon Food Service is a company with integrity at its core. We believe in treating each other with respect and working as a team to get things done right.

Because of this collaboration, we've created an atmosphere that's fun, supportive, and alive with energy. This unique culture helps attract many talented, ambitious people to our company. Our employees see a long and prosperous future for themselves - the same future we may have in store for you. Workplace culture plays a key role in the happiness of our people, and Gordon Food Service provides competitive compensation and benefits packages that reflect our employees’ value to the company. 

On any given day you will find teammates working in collaborative spaces that support a creative and productive day. Employees engage with a wide variety of people of diverse backgrounds and business goals to solve. There’s never a boring day at Gordon Food Service.  

Current Career Opportunities

Take a look at our menu of career opportunities within Gordon Food Service and our retail division, Gordon Food Service Store.  Gordon Food Service is a growth company with new opportunities posted frequently.  There’s a seat at our table for you!

Important Note:  We are excited to introduce new technology to make your application experience easier and mobile friendly!  If you have created a profile and/or applied PRIOR TO SEPTEMBER 13, 2017, YOU MUST CREATE A NEW PROFILE TO APPLY TO ADDITIONAL JOBS.  We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your flexibility during this transition.  If you have any questions regarding applications in progress, please email

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Our people make the difference. In a world where people feel like just another number, our employees know they are valued and important. Dan Gordon shares more in this video.

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Delivering more than food, our drivers do more for our customers.
Become part of the retail leadership of our business.
Join our team of retail associates.
We're always looking for people who would like to grow with us.
Work with industry leaders to grow in your chosen field.
Our sales teams become part of the businesses of our customers.
Delivering high-energy and excellent results.
Technology is at the heart of everything we do at Gordon Food Service.
We embrace diversity and leverage inclusion.
Sometimes the right opportunities are just around the corner.