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The past year has, no doubt, brought unprecedented obstacles to your operation and the foodservice industry at large but there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. We’re committed to helping your business thrive while navigating the path to reopening and recovery for restaurants and other businesses within the food service industry.  Get access to support resources, get updates and stay informed while getting back to business!

COVID-19 News and Resources

How Can We Make The Restaurant Industry a Better Place to Work?

It's not about who you recruit, it's about how you recruit.

How to Apply for Relief Money

The Restaurant Relief Fund will give billions to small restaurants to offset the effects of the pandemic. Here's how to get your share of the money.

How to Grow Your Restaurant's Customer Base: 6 Affordable Ways to Expand

Some concrete steps you can take to get new people in the front door of your restaurant (cheaply!).

How Data Can Help Restaurants Succeed (Especially During COVID)

An interview with Bikky's Abhinav Kapur about the future of digital marketing in the restaurant industry.

How Restaurants Are Using Data Analysis to Get Ahead

You didn't get into restaurants to become a data nerd. But here's what data can offer you anyway.

Here's How Hiring Software Can Help Your Restaurant

Whether you need to staff up quickly, do pre-screenings, or just stay compliant, these hiring softwares can help.  


Gordon Food Service has partnered with to help you find and filter the best solutions for your business, fast. See below for special offerings that can help you re-emerge from Covid-19 with your best foot forward.

Staffing and Labor


Mobile staffing, purpose-built for filling hourly roles.


Short- and long-term staffing solutions for foodservice, hospitality.


Hourly employee hiring solution built to reduce turnover.

Restaurant Reopening


A new standard for restaurant cleaning and safety.

Back of House

End-to-end equipment repair and maintenance process management.

Science on Call

IT support and consulting for restaurants.

Contactless Dining

Go Dutch

All-in-one contactless menu ordering, bill splitting, mobile payment for restaurants. 


Contactless dining and pickup by allowing users to reserve a table, order menu items, and pay for meals at restaurants they love.


An online waitlist and reservations management app that makes it simple and easy to book online, check-in and receive alerts when it's your turn.

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