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We are proud to offer our operators the full selection of General Mills Gold Medal® Baking Mixes. They are simple to use and deliver consistent, premium results, offering a wide variety of menu options from just one box.

General Mills Gold Medal® Baking Mixes

Trusted for over 125 years and providing exceptional back-of-house quality, General Mills is a recognized leader in developing baking mixes that have exceptional product tolerance, versatility and ease of use. 

Serve Scratch-Like Quality with Gold Medal® 

With General Mills Gold Medal® Baking Mixes, it is easy to serve scratch-like quality with the consistency of a just-add-water formula, so you can delegate baking to anyone in the kitchen. The full portfolio of Gold Medal Biscuit, Cake, Bar and Pancake mixes will help you save time and labor with add-water-only preparation. Simple to use and deliver premium results: 

  • Reduces overall costs to serve
  • Optimize labor
  • Reduce waste
  • Maximize yield

Gold Medal enables your unique style to shine through by providing a wide range of recipe possibilities in every box of mix, so showcase creativity and create signature items and stand out from the competition.

February is National Pancake Month

Flip 'em, stack 'em, serve 'em up hot. February is National Pancake Month! Your diners are not going to want to miss out on a helping (or six) of warm, fluffy pancakes. You can feel the pancake love while scents of melting butter, sizzling batter and warm maple syrup are in the air!

Breakfast is the only meal for which foodservice has experienced growth in recent years, and a plate of hotcakes is one of the more popular, and profitable, menu items.

For example, the approximate cost of 5 pancakes using Gold Medal ™ Pancake Mix is $0.21. The average cost of syrup, butter and toppings for 5 pancakes is $1.10—giving you a combined cost of $1.31. With a suggested menu price of $6.99, this leaves a total profit of $5.68—or over 81% profit margin.*

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