Kaya Jam for Breakfast, Brunch and Beyond

Kaya Jam for Breakfast, Brunch and Beyond

This Southeast Asian coconut jam is ready to expand beyond toast applications.

Kaya, the sweet coconut-based jam from Malaysia and Indonesia, is showing traction on menus, particularly in metro areas.  Spreading kaya on a toast sandwich is its classic application, but it shows potential for sweet and savory creativity across the menu.

Making kaya in-house can be labor intensive, but efficiencies are found in creating it once a week, turning it into a viable option for most operators. 

Fresh-made kaya is a combination of sugar, coconut cream and egg yolks. Pandan leaf is the classic flavoring, but a great substitute is either pandan extract, which yields nice floral and grassy notes, or vanilla extract.

Top Kaya Applications

  • Served in ramekin as brunch condiment alternative
  • Topper on pancakes, waffles, French toast or crêpes
  • Use as a spread for a sweet and savory sandwich build
  • Pastry filler alternative to traditional creme based desserts