Open for (Takeout) Business. Let People Know

Open for (Takeout) Business. Let People Know

Keep customers in the loop as your restaurant goes off-premise only.

As the coronavirus response grows, thousands of restaurants are moving to off-premise service models. The challenge is getting the message out to dining customers that even though your dining room is closed, your business is open for takeout, drive-thru and delivery.

The National Restaurant Association reports that off-premise orders already make up about 60% of an operator’s business. This is a reminder that your commitment to public safety doesn’t mean turning out the lights.

In today’s unprecedented social-distancing climate, providing access to food can be a community lifeline. At the same time, it supports your business. Here are ideas on how to remind the public you’re still serving food:

Promote, promote, promote

Let the public know: “We're open and ready to feed you. Call 123-4567 to order takeout.”

  • Post a sign in your window
  • Use street signs
  • Try using an employee wearing sandwich boards 

Have a media presence

Almost everyone in isolation is connected to some form of electronic media.  

  • Share with your customers on your social media accounts, email, and SMS texting
  • Connect with “support local” social accounts responding to the crisis
  • Join and post on local/neighborhood message boards (such as Nextdoor, Facebook Groups, Reddit)
  • Reach out to local news media and conduct a positive interview
    • New menu features
    • How to feed the family
    • Good food when feeling stressed

Practice street smarts

A little smart thinking goes a long way on a tight budget.

  • Ensure customer pick-up practices social distancing and efficiency to limit crowding
  • Is this the right time to try a third-party delivery service? (i.e. UberEats, GrubHub, DoorDash, etc.)
  • Can your idle dining room staffers do bike delivery?
  • Does it make sense to partner with a nearby restaurant?

Ask your Gordon Food Service Sales Representative for ways our team can help you address business challenges.