Running Your Business

Retention comes down to understanding the basic things all employees value and positively IMPACTing them.
Keys to success include goals and tactics for sales building, staffing and cost control/profitability.
Use your point-of-sale system to keep in touch with your business data and stay in touch with what’s important to your diners.
More and more, managing your business can and should be influenced by data, as it can paint a clear picture to help improve guest engagement and increase profitability.
Foods you serve can be more profitable and popular when guided by sales and purchasing analysis. 
Make the most of your healthcare food purchases, plate cost and meal quality by paying attention to what you throw away
Shortcuts can make easy work out of tracking products and add up to healthcare foodservice cost savings.
Most milk and dairy products are TCS foods, so keeping them safe to eat requires properly receiving, storing and using them.
Food intake improves when the kitchen and dining room combine to provide attractive meal presentation.