International Sales

Who Do We Service

Our Florida Division exports to over 40 countries, providing both non-food and grocery items to wholesale distributors, cruise lines, all inclusive resorts and hoteliers. 

We offer more than 10,000 consistent and reliable, private and nationally-branded products, each designed to meet your needs. We provide expert consultation, container consolidation and customized quotes for every aspect of the foodservice industry. We are happy to serve all major cruise lines, all-inclusive resorts, chain businesses, hotels, the Caribbean, the United Nations, and as far as Australia. 


We’re driven to do more for our customers, and so we offer your operation a partnership that can take your food service to the next level. We bring more than 100 years of combined experience within the Export Department to the table, allowing us to deliver the choices and the quality that you need, at the moment that you need them. 

Our experienced multicultural staff speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French to help make international sales a smoother, more convenient process.

International Process

We load and delivers multiple export and container orders daily, with order quantities always verified. Our customers then receive their Order Verification Performa Invoice and Delivery Date within 24 hours.

We Cube Out all export containers, and process all export documentation. We will also lock inventory levels to ensure verified totals are available, photograph containerized orders, and include a packing slip on all pallets. The products shelf life can be incorporated in our labels, and our containers can be split into dry chilled and frozen.

We will even handle all communication with Freight Forwarder, and deals with USDA, HRS, and seafood daily.

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