Market Updates for April 29, 2022

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Grocery & Bakery | Frying Oil

The Indonesian government announced a ban on palm oil exports, as the country is struggling to keep cooking oil for its own domestic needs. The ban goes into effect April 28th and has no identified expiration date. Indonesia represents 60% of globally traded palm oil, so the absence of the largest producer will put even more pressure on the soybean complex. U.S. export shipments are still strong and planting is off to a slow start due to cold, wet weather. It's still early in the planting window so a stretch of good weather will offer the chance to catch up or get ahead. It is critical the U.S. gets off to a great start and gets the crop in the ground on time. U.S. balance sheets are extremely tight and any perceived setback will be supportive of even higher prices. 

Grocery & Bakery | Sugar

Beet sugar prices are on the rise due to the shortage in product while cane pricing is also rising this week due to the demand switch as a result of the shortage of beet sugar with all origin sugar now higher than this time last year. We have ample supply secured to meet our demands but prices will continue to stay elevated as the competition for planted acres of beets and sugar cane world wide is stiff with some countries planting things like soy beans and corn in their place. Transportation costs remain elevated as well. There is no longer beet sugar available on the market to purchase to take on additional business leaving cane or imported product as the only options for spot purchasing at this time. Spring beet planting for the 2023 crop is also behind schedule due to cold weather in the 4 main beet growing states which could present issues for the 2022/2023 marketing year. 

Grocery & Bakery | Flour

Winter wheat ratings have been less than stellar with under 30% of the overall crop rated "good to excellent" while the spring wheat is struggling to be planted due to cold weather in those planting regions. Pricing remains elevated with the war in the Ukraine combined with the drought conditions bringing crop ratings down driving pricing higher. Until we see more moisture in some winter wheat growing areas or a resolution to the Russia/Ukraine conflict, pricing should stay considerably higher than normal. 

Seafood | Import Seafood Overview

Imported seafood continues to have challenges. The recent ban on Russian harvested fin fish and crab along with China's struggles with Covid outbreaks will greatly affect the supply chain as importers adjust sourcing and search for alternate supplies. On a positive note, US port congestion to improve. As with all products, trucking and warehousing remain a struggle in the US.

Seafood | Fin Fish

Cod - 2x Frozen:

New production of United States Pacific Cod loins and N. Atlantic Cod Loins from Europe continue to trickle into DC's and outside warehouses.  Supplies remain tight and pricing elevated for the foreseeable future.  Please be aware that in an effort to not change item codes you will witness brands other than Gordon Choice or Kitchen Essentials in the slots.  2x Frozen products from Asia remain to be short / Non Existent from Asia as China has not bounced back as of yet.

Cod - 1x Frozen:

North Atlantic 1x Frozen product from Russian fishing vessels is banned from entry into the US. North Atlantic cod and Haddock will be affected. Fishing continues for 1x Frozen Pacific Cod from Alaska but the harvest is slow and quota cuts with high demand is keeping prices high.


New harvest is in inventory and available. Prices remain elevated as the supply is tight due to quota restrictions. The Government has reduced the Total Allowable Catch (TAC) 39% due to the pollock stocks being extremely low. 2X frozen imported supplies remain unavailable.


The 10-12z size is still tight but available while the 8-10z is starting to arrive in warehouses. Lions continue to be short.


Hake has taken off in the US with demand skyrocketing causing disruptions. Product is available and in warehouses but note there are new item codes and case pack sizes currently as we have secured new sources of supply have been brought in to fill demand.

Norwegian Salmon:

Supplies are currently ahead of demand and pricing is stable at this time.  There are potential of delays of imports from Europe due to the resurgence of Covid restrictions but our processors are currently staying ahead on inventory.

Chilean Salmon:

Currently supply is good with increased demand pricing if slightly elevated.


"Raw material fish price Pre-Covid vs. current has an increase of 40-45% - farmers had planted less seedlings given all the social distancing and COVID at that time which causes shortage of raw material. Things are slowly getting back to normal but operating costs have skyrocketed. Quick example; Feed costs increased by 40%, transportation by 40%, fuel 75% - labor cost 20% - farm land cost = 15%. Container availability still remain a challenge and the lockdown in China (Shanghai/Schenzhen/Guangzhou) what happens in Vietnam where Swai is farmed. Pricing remains elevated but consistent.


Tilapia frozen fillets supplies are meeting demand but expect prices to remain elevated due to logistical issues, freight, costs, tariffs and a strong U.S. demand.

Mahi Mahi:

Supply is meeting current demand and GFS should be in a good position well into the new year. Most product is out of Asia as the South American harvest has been very poor. Costs will stay at the elevated level for the foreseeable future.

Ahi Tuna:

Portioned Tuna steak supply has improved. We have sourced some CO treated to help the supply situation. Saku Block 10z is back in stock but note it is in short supply. Prices will remain elevated into the summer.

Lake Fish In General:

Lake Fish-Fishing has begun with a few interruptions due to high winds and spring storms. Slow catches are keeping pricing high. GFS has inventory but with growing demand there is potential for supply shorts. Quotas for white perch, walleye, smelt, whitefish, bluegill, supposed to remain the same. Yellow perch quota anticipated to go down.

Yellow Lake Perch:

Heavy demand continues to challenge supply. Michigan Sized Butterflied continue to be the most abundant and some Splits are available, but costs are very high. Ohio sizes is non existent. Overall category is still short.


Supply meeting demand is good for all sizes with pricing stable.


Supply meeting demand is good for all sizes with pricing stable.

Euro Lake Fish:

Struggle to source with most of the supply coming from Poland and Kazakhstan is now compounded by the ban on Russian raw material. Zander sizes 20-40 and 40-60 are still a challenge. There is availability of the larger sizes of Pike/Perch available as an option for walleye. Pricing is beginning to increase in the US.

Ocean Perch:

Skinless product continues to be non existent.  Skin On product is available.

Sea Bass:

Light inventories are keeping prices elevated.

Seafood | Shrimp

White Shrimp:

Supply on most sizes is meeting demand. Inventories continue to improve on most sizes of white shrimp. There may be spotty shortages on some larger size sku's. Pricing is still fluctuating weekly but is settling down a little. Larger sizes 8-12 nonexistent. Limson will continue to supplement product from other importers. Please be aware you will witness other brands in the GFS item slots.


Ample supply to demand. Larger 4-6, 6-8 are hard to come by and pricing is elevated. Other sizes are stable.


Ample supply to demand. Larger U-15 and above are hard to come by and pricing is elevated. Other sizes are stable.


Supply is tight and producers are reporting higher pricing, as the demand is higher and product is getting bid up at the docks.

Seafood | Lobster

North Atlantic Lobster:

New spring season starts on May 1st in Canada. Expect solid landings with a hopeful price correction for tails, the meat prices may hold steady at the beginning of the fishery and may dip in mid-May time period Meat CK, CK Broken and CKL is are available and prices are remaining firm.

Warn Water Lobster:

In good supply currently and Limson has supply of warm water Lobster and prices have remained firm.

South African Lobster:

Supplies are good and currently all skus are available.

Seafood | Crab

Snow Crab:

Supply is in a good position for the current demand. Limson is currently stocked with 5/8, 8 ups and 10 ups. Season opened and landings are good. Fishing in all zones. 5/8 is the primary size. 8 up and 10 up are the lighter of the catch. .New harvest is arriving into processors in Canada but the arrivals are sporadic. The next two weeks are shipping up to be the time to look at annual forward buys for large users. Alaskan season has been cut substantially due to poor Biomas. There will not be an Alaskan season announced until late spring.

King Crab:

With the ban on Russian King Crab customers will look to Golden King crab as a option. It remains to be seen how this will play out. We are investigating options and will update in the near future.

Seafood | Specialty Seafood


Season is beginning. Quota cut, Boats delays, fuel cost and labor is impacting the fishing. Expect elevated pricing as harvest progresses. Sea Scallops-20% fewer landings. A decrease in overall supply mainly 20-30 sizes.


Demand continues to be very strong. Expect to see supply issues as demand outweighs available supply. 

IQF Oysters:

Season is delayed due to lack of labor and places to hold inventory. Small quantities available, coming into stock very soon.

Mussels and Clams:

Great inventory across the board.

Alligator Meat:

Wild is extremely hard to come by due to weather affecting the season.

Frog Legs:

Inventory is available in limited quantity which is keeping pricing elevated.