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A family tradition since 1966

The Halperns’ story started more than five decades ago, when Howard Halpern started a business distributing perishable foods. He became one of the first in the nation to distribute boxed beef, and a top-quality meat and seafood cutting shop soon followed, committed to excellence and an association with the best suppliers in the industry.

Quality. Tradition. Skill. It all matters.

Today Halperns’ sources the finest meat, seafood, poultry, and game from boutique suppliers around the world. We are masters of precision cutting and innovative packaging. Our cut shop capabilities enable us to deliver products at the peak of freshness or, in the case of beef, aged to perfection.

Front-of-House Value

Get rewarded with repeat business by bringing Halperns’ quality to the table. We offer premium protein options for every kind of meal that are available exclusively to Gordon Food Service customers.

  • 1966 Halperns’ Angus Beef. Sourcing from a single plant in Colorado gives Halperns’ Angus Beef unmatched consistency, quality, and flavor.
  • Core Steaks. Expect perfection with remarkably flavored corn-fed beef.
  • Core Seafood. All products, fresh or frozen, are traceable to the vessel of origin.
  • Pork. First producers and boutique growers can be trusted for succulent products.
  • Poultry. Our chicken, turkey, duck, and more comes from the finest farms.
  • Lamb. Domestic and imported varieties provide center-of-the-plate quality.
  • Veal. Raised and fed to produce a velvety-smooth texture in each medallion or chop.
  • Wild Game. Boutique farmers and growers supply unique and specialized meat and birds.

Culinary Expertise for Menu Differentiation

Take a tour of these featured Halperns' recipes that highlight the ways Halperns' can help you add creativity and flavor to your menu to set you apart from your competition.