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Harvest Valley

Nature's finest fruit juices

Ready-to-Drink Juices and Juice Blends

Harvest Valley is a high-quality collection of refreshing, front-of-house dispensed and ready-to-drink juices and juice blends.

  • Premium Quality. Produced from top-grade fruits and vegetables, our juices and juice blends offer exceptional color, fresh aromas, and refreshing just-picked flavor.
  • Nutritional Value. Healthy, great-tasting juices that are full of vitamin-rich goodness. All contain 100 percent Vitamin C daily value per 4 fluid oz. serving.
  • Comprehensive Solution. We offer a wide variety of thirst-quenching flavors in frozen concentrate and shelf-stable bag-in-box forms.
  • Front-of-House Value

Add Harvest Valley Juices to Your Drink Menu

Harvest Valley is available exclusively to Gordon Food Service customers. Contact us to learn more. 

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