Electronic Data Interface (EDI)

With Electronic Data Interface (EDI), work with your current software system to seamlessly place orders and receive invoices with accuracy and efficiency. Transmit business documents electronically between your back office system and ours.

Fast, Accurate Information

EDI allows documents and information to be seen within minutes rather than days. Errors due to illegible handwriting, lost orders, or inaccurate phone orders are eliminated. Accurate information saves you from spending time handling data disputes.

EDI allows real-time transactions, ensuring faster decision-making and improved responsiveness.  It shortens lead time for product delivery. With EDI, your business can expand anywhere in the world and communicate in real time, opening up a wealth of opportunities.

System Integrations

Gordon Food Service currently has integrations with many third party systems to provide a seamless business process.  You can contact your Gordon Food Service Sales Representative to find out if your system is currently integrated with Gordon Food Service.

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