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Spot-On Laundry Service & Support

No one can afford to replace linens after each use. Experts say that on-premise laundry (OPL) saves money, provides better quality control and leads to longer fabric life. We say our laundry chemicals, service and support prove both correct.

With our laundry services and solutions, you can count on running fewer reclaim loads and minimizing the use of spot treatments. Don’t be surprised if we recommend delivering smaller quantities of chemicals more often to improve your cash flow, or if we suggest an alternate cleaning option to deliver the stain-fighting power you need. We’ll bring positive changes to your laundry needs so you can bring positive changes to your operation.

A clean team

The science of laundry is always changing. To keep up, our specialists undergo extensive and continuing training, so their skills stay as fresh as a recently completed load. We’ll dedicate a Gordon Food Service specialist, not an outsourced third-party technician, to your operation. 

That one specialist is not alone. Each specialist is backed by an entire team, including product managers, logistics analysts and service center technicians. As a team, they collaborate on ways to increase the efficiency of your laundry setup, so you can increase the efficiency of your business. 

In the case of an emergency, an on-call service team is available 24/7 to help resolve problems right away.

Detailed preventive maintenance

We perform preventive maintenance, with the aim of stopping  problems before they start. Built into our laundry solutions, we make more service calls than the industry standard to keep your system operating at peak performance and minimizing the potential for a breakdown. This includes monitoring dispensing systems for correct chemical dilution, measuring efficiency by verifying output reporting and more.

There is no fee for these comprehensive services, as long as you’re a Gordon Food Service Customer. We’ll give you a report outlining what was done during each visit and an estimate of what it would cost if you weren’t a customer, so you can track the support you received and understand it’s value in relation to your overall operation.

Make the most sense of your hospitality dollars

We understand you don’t have an unlimited amount of money to spend on laundry. We’ll work with you to determine the best combination of equipment and chemicals for your budget. Our goal is to minimize your linen replacement costs, water usage and machine wear and tear while keeping within your budget for labor, energy and chemicals.

Control chemical costs

Avoid wasting product or money by maximizing your laundry program with Array, a collection of high-performance cleaning chemicals available exclusively from Gordon Food Service. Our dispensing systems are calibrated to use just the right amount of Array laundry products for an effective clean that keeps chemical costs in check.

Trim inventory costs

Our highly concentrated laundry products have smaller packages, so they take up less storage space. You can save even more space by ordering smaller quantities more often—laundry products are transported on the same truck as your regular deliveries and there are no minimums. Or, automate the delivery of your laundry products through Inventory Manager and you’ll have one less thing to remember.

Maximize sustainability

Eco-friendly laundry solutions are a priority for many restaurants, healthcare organizations, educational institutions and hospitality companies today. But we understand that with a thin profit margin, going green can be a challenge. That is why we empower you to balance sustainability, cost savings and effectiveness by offering:

  • Chemicals that reduce environmental impact, including Safer Choice products.
  • Highly concentrated products that use less packaging, but deliver the same amount of usable solution.
  • Dilution-controlled systems that utilize fewer chemicals, less water, and reduce waste and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Dynamic laundry training for your employees

Designed to help your staff operate your laundry system with the utmost ease, efficiency and safety, we’ll bring our dynamic training program to your operation. We’ll also provide materials you can add to your ongoing training programs, so your  staff  uses the laundry system correctly and new employees can pick it up as they are introduced to your organization.

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