Warewash Solutions

Make Your Bottom Line Shine

According to Technomic, clean dishware, glassware and silverware are the top reasons guests return to a restaurant. Taking that much care with your table setting reassures customers you’ll take equally good care of them.

We can provide the equipment, chemicals, service and support to maintain such high sanitation standards, all with the best cleaning results for your budget. Your employees will appreciate the ease and reliability of our warewash system. And you’ll appreciate the difference that advanced products, consistent costs and proactive services make to your bottom line.

Expert help with your dirty work

Our specialists undergo extensive initial training and ongoing, hands-on education to keep their warewash knowledge and skills up-to-date with changing equipment, technology and best practices.

All are full-time Gordon Food Service employees—we don’t outsource our services to commissioned employees from another company.  The average tenure of a specialist is 15 years, so they know a thing or two about dirty dishes, dish machines, sinks, cleaning chemicals and more. 

We’ll dedicate one specialist to your operation to maintain your warewash equipment, so you can have consistency, accountability and peace of mind. Plus, your specialist is backed by a team of cleaning product specialists, a central service center, a technical resource center and your Gordon Food Service Customer Development Specialist.

Proactive preventative warewash system maintenance

Regular service calls, more frequent than the industry standard, help prevent breakdowns and keep your warewash system operating at its peak. We monitor equipment and chemical performance to optimize your results and make sure money isn’t being washed down the drain. 

Our service vans are stocked with a wide variety of pieces and parts, so if we find an issue, it will likely be fixed in the same visit. In the unlikely event of a problem or emergency with your warewash system, our team is always on-call, so they can take care of it right away.

Generally, there is no extra fee for these services. Maintenance, consultation and repair are typically covered under your operating agreement. However, we will prepare a service report outlining the duties performed on each visit, along with an estimate of the costs you’d incur if you weren’t a Gordon Food Service customer.

In-depth cost management

Every restaurant, healthcare organization, educational institution and hospitality company is unique, so every warewash solution should be, too. That’s why we’ll work with you to determine the best combination of equipment, chemicals, labor and energy for your specific goals, all while keeping an eye on managing your costs.

The right warewash equipment

With our wide range of state-of-the-art warewashing systems, we can meet your washing needs, kitchen layout and budget. We’ll take the guesswork out of figuring out what’s best for your setup by analyzing your operation and recommending the most appropriate equipment and chemicals for the job. We’ll even estimate the total cost to run your dish machine, based on the number of rack loads, to assist your yearly budgeting.

Control cleaning chemical costs

Maximize the performance of our warewash equipment in your operation with Array, a collection of high-performance cleaning chemicals available exclusively from Gordon Food Service. Our warewash systems are calibrated to use just the right amount of Array detergents, rinse agents and sanitizers, so you won’t waste product, labor or money.

Minimize environmental impact

While going green may be the goal for your operation, we understand that it might not be your first priority. We empower you to customize the balance between sustainability, cost savings and effectiveness by offering:

  • Energy Star-certified appliances.
  • Chemicals that reduce environmental impact, including Green Seal and Safer Choice certified products.
  • Highly concentrated products that use less packaging, but deliver the same amount of usable solution.
  • Dilution-controlled systems that utilize fewer chemicals, less water, and reduce waste and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Cut inventory costs

Our highly concentrated cleaning products have smaller packages that take less storage space. And save room by ordering smaller quantities more often—cleaning products are transported on the same truck with regular deliveries and there are no minimums. If you use Inventory Manager, you can even automate your chemical orders for “just-in-time” delivery.

Product and equipment training and safety

We’ve created our products with safety in mind. The closed design of our warewash systems practically eliminates the risk of chemical exposure to people and the environment. And, because  our cleaning chemicals come in smaller packages, there is less risk of back injuries during handling. We also provide Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS)  that include instructions for the safe use and disposal of a products, along with their ingredients and hazards.

We also want to ensure your employees use the warewash system effectively and safely, so we’ll come to you and train key team members. We’ll leave behind wall charts that guide employees on operating the system, to reiterate their training or help new team members acclimate to the setup.

Think our warewash services are right for you?

If you’re an existing Gordon Food Service customer, share your interest in warewash services and solutions with your Customer Development Specialist. 

Not a customer?