Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange, is a seamless way to transmit documents between systems, allowing you to view order transactions, invoices, and payments. 

With EDI, you can also access order guides, purchase orders, order history, and acknowledgements.

What are the benefits?

Faster decision making. See documents within minutes rather than days. 

Errors due to illegible handwriting, lost orders, or inaccurate phone orders are eliminated. 

Accurate information saves you from spending time handling data disputes.

When it comes to EDI, how can Gordon Food Service help my business?

With EDI, we work with your current back-end system to place orders and receive invoices with accuracy and efficiency:

  • Exchange data between systems
  • Process ACH transactions, invoices, and payments with remittance advice
  • Eliminate purchase order and invoice processing
  • Some supported transactions include: 810 Invoice, 820 Payment, 832 Order Guide, 850 Purchase Order and more.

Currently, our organization integrates with more than 70 backend systems, such as:

  • Crunchtime
  • Food Trak
  • Market Man
  • McKesson
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Additional Benefits of a Strong EDI Partnership


The right EDI solution can offer a range of technical capabilities that deliver core functionality, and ensure reliability and efficiency.


Statistics say, EDI can reduce the order-to-cash cycle time by more than 20%, improving business partner transactions and relationships.

Cost Savings

Your bottom line matters. EDI can greatly reduce transactional costs, paper document generation, and mailing and storage expenses.

Commitment and Service

The company you partner with matters just as much. To learn more about Gordon Food Service, visit our About Us page.

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