Food Safety Regulatory Compliance

We know complying with food safety regulations can be a tough job. We're here to help with an array of food safety management resources - online training modules, webinars, nutrition resources and much more. 

Our goal is to arm you with the very best information and knowledge to help your food service operation thrive and survive in a demanding food safety regulatory environment. Invite us to your table to talk about how we can help. Become a customer

Food Safety

Maintain appropriate food safety management standards to help you avoid foodborne illness outbreaks. 

  • Stay informed on nutrition, allergens, and food safety with the Gordon Food Service Nutrition Resource Center (NRC).
  • Gain access to our exclusive online resource that includes food safety training modules, webinars, sanitation forms and logs, and much more.
  • We offer ServSafe training, a national food safety certification course to help you maintain food safety standards and avoid a potentially devastating outbreak.
  • We offer NearBuy, our local food sourcing program that can help ensure your local food meets all regulatory code for food safety.