Menu Nutrition Services

More and more customers want to know what they are eating. Whether it is calorie count, gluten-free, or a specific ingredient question, customers need to know. Providing nutrition information at point of service can help your customer make informed choices and help you stay competitive and in compliance with The Menu Labeling Law of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010.

Healthcare Menu Customization

The Nutrition Resource Center has Registered Dietitians who specialize in creating a customized menu for your community!

Five Perks of Customizing Your Cycle Menu

Extensive Nutrition Database

Our Nutrition Resource Center is staffed by dieticians and maintains an extensive nutrition database specific to Gordon Food Service. The team can analyze your information and provide nutrition analysis data such as calories, saturated fat, and sodium

This extensive nutrition database, as well as menu and recipe nutrition analysis services, are readily available exclusively to Gordon Food Service customers. The database includes: 

Nutrition Analysis

  • Ingredient statements available for all Gordon Food Service private branded products; includes Top 8 allergen information
  • Gluten-free info for private branded products
  • Contact information provided for national branded products
  • Single-item nutrition and ingredient data
  • Allergen Awareness news page
  • Food allergen training resources
  • Nutrition Guide: offers information on various related topics; organizes 1,000+ stocked items in a health and wellness category
  • Gluten Free Product List: captures our private branded items that are free of gluten

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