Nutrition Resource Center Podcasts

Join the Nutrition Resource Center and other food safety experts in September as part of Food Safety Education Month in our first podcast series! Check out the episodes below and please join us to learn more and help create a culture of food safety in your operation.

Episode 1- Food Safety Purchase to Plate with 2017 Food Code Updates
    Guest: Shawn Kohlhaas, Culinary Cultivations

Episode 2 - Confidence in Quality- Focus on Branding Process, Quality Concerns and Recalls
    Guests: Michelle Dammen and Lam Nguyen, Gordon Food Service Quality Assurance Team

Episode 3 - Not All Created Equal - Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting
    Guest: Eric Losey, US Chemical

Episode 4 - Hands Down Ways to Minimize Health Code Violations
    Guest: Vickie Patterson, GoJo

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