Commodity Management Application

Manage USDA Commodities 

Integrated into our online ordering system, our Commodity Management Application is a simple, easy-to-use ordering tool that provides you with real-time, USDA commodity entitlement balances and online reporting.

Customer Testimonials

"I've actually bought laptops for all of my schools and have taught them how to place orders. They send me theirs and I forward them on. I also use the Commodity System to order my commodities, keep track of what I've spent and see what I've got left. It's one-stop shopping for me." ~ Nyla Denman, Benton Carol Salem Local School District (Ohio)

Features of the Commodity Management Application 

Commodity products are easily identified within ordering and will indicate if they are available at a commodity price, commercial price (entitlement depleted), if you did not divert and if the entitlement is depleted.  This will help you make strategic purchasing decisions throughout the year so you can plan your menus accordingly. 

Systems Integration

CMA is able to integrate with independent verification systems such as K-12, Processor Link and third-party online ordering systems.

Commodity Discount Types

CMA will also identify discount types available including: Fee for Service, Processed fee for Service, Modified fee for Service and Net off invoice.

Product Data- School Meal Equivalents

View images, nutrition and ingredient data, school meal equivalents and more on each item.

Online Reporting

This self-service reporting tool is deisgned to help Recipient Agents of School Districts, Co-Op Directors and State and USDA personnel with managing USDA commodities.

This easy-to-use tool will help save you time, manage your costs and assist you with making strategic purchasing decisions by providing you with:

  • USDA Commodity Entitlement Balances and Usage Detail
  • Forecasting decisions for BID and Diversion Planning
  • Total commodity and commercial purchase history reports
  • Communicating to your school and state board
  • Detailed Reports Include:
  • USDA Commodity Entitlement
  • USDA Commodity Usage
  • Processed, Non-processed and DoD Produce
  • Transactional Detail
  • Velocity Reporting including Commodity and Commercial Purchases

Interested in CMA? Let's talk about your food service needs and how we can help grow your business.