Electronic Payment Options

Pay Your Invoices Online

At Gordon Food Service, we have several electronic payment options for our truck delivery customers to manage your invoices, payments and reconcile your account faster. 

Online Payment

Need more time with your guests vs. paying bills?  Online Payment will allow you the ease of paying online along with other great features. 

Features in Online Payment include:

  • Mobile capability- pay anytime, anywhere from your mobile device!
  • Schedule payments ahead of time
  • Ability to view payment history - including 13 months of data history
  • Track all account payments
  • Delegate payer roles with secure, masked account info
  • Manage multiple accounts and locations

Easy Pay

Our Easy Pay system is the most simple solution to pay your bills. With our electronic funds transfer, you can automatically pay your invoices on time. Easy Pay provides you with a pre-notification when we are about to remove your payment from your bank account, as well as a final notification when funds have been withdrawn to pay your bill.

The benefits of Easy Pay:

  • Your bills are always paid on time
  • You maximize your money in your account
  • No more searching for invoices
  • No more writing checks and mailing
  • GFS ‘pulls’ your payments per terms
  • All transactions happen per your payment terms with GFS
  • All that’s required is an e-mail address or a dedicated fax machine

Electronic Data Interface (EDI)

Electronic Data Interface is our seamless way to upload data from our system to your’s so you can view your transactions, invoices, and payments. With EDI, you can also access order guides, purchase orders, acknowledgements and access your sales history.

EDI links to your own back-end accounting system so you can:

  • Receive data from our system to yours
  • Process ACH transactions, invoices, and payments with remittance advice
  • Access order guides, purchase orders, acknowledgements, and sales history
  • Eliminate purchase order and invoice processing