Inventory Manager

Reduce Food Service Inventory Problems

Waste, spoilage, theft and overstocking are all “hidden” food costs that can seriously impede cash flow. Reduce these inventory problems with Inventory Manager, a software application developed by Gordon Food Service, exclusively for our truck delivery customers.

The Benefits of Inventory Manager

  • Set up and maintain an easy and consistent inventory system
  • Know your actual food costs, inclusive of inventory
  • Boost your bottom line

Customer Testimonials

"Inventory Manager allows my staff to input their inventory into a computer system that shows the value of food on the shelf in dollars. It has helped them be aware of the items they are ordering and allowed for tighter controls of ordering, which helps reduce spending." - Rene Bodden, Nederland ISD (Texas)

Inventory Manager's Unique Features

  • Creates custom storage areas and product categories to match your kitchen's current setup
  • Supports physical inventory counts by smartphone or tablet
  • Incorporates outside distributors for a complete inventory solution
  • Creates custom general ledger coding, map your general ledger accounts to Gordon Food Service or to custom-created product categories
  • Integrates with Online Ordering, Recipe Manager and invoice systems

Detailed Inventory Reports

  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS): quick snapshot of your business profitability
  • Inventory Valuation: quick way to assess total quantities and value of your entire inventory
  • Inventory Trends: long-term evaluation of inventory and operating performance

Easy Setup

  • Online wizard for importing your order guide or customized ordering list
  • Drag-and-drop functionality for organizing count sheets to maximize stock efficiencies
  • Easy-to-assign inventory tags for focusing on high-theft items that should be inventoried more frequently

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