Recipe Manager

Manage Your Recipes, Maximize Your Profits

If you don’t know what your meals cost, you don’t know whether you’re making money or giving it away. Recipe Manager will help you compare food costs to menu prices so you can make strategic decisions that boost your profitability. Available 24/7 via our online platforms, Recipe Manager is offered exclusively to Gordon Food Service truck delivery customers.

Customer Testimonials

"Without Recipe Manager, you are playing from behind in terms of understanding your costs, your menu pricing and how your menu items are moving. If you're doing that by hand, which I did for years, you're constantly re-evaluating. This gives you the ability to make adjustments to your menu." ~ Blake Wright, TJ Chumps (Ohio)
"A month after putting Recipe Manager in play, we saw a 3% reduction in cost of goods sold right off the bat. Gordon Food Service is one of the greatest companies I've had the pleasure of working work with." ~ Brandon Travis, Fifth Street Brew Pub Co-Op (Ohio)

Recipe Manager's Unique Features

  • Faster search functions cut recipe-building time in half
  • Create, maintain and store your own recipes
  • Access hundreds of Gordon Food Service's proprietary Kitchen-Tested Recipes
  • Cost out recipes using real-time pricing information
  • Cost an entire menu, function or catering job in just minutes
  • Identify menu winners and losers
  • Add pictures to recipe printouts to promote consistency

Easy-to-Understand Recipes

  • Food Cost Review: Identifies profitable and unprofitable menu items in pie-chart formats
  • Shopping List Report: Creates a shopping list based on your current menu and forecasted sales
  • Ingredient Where Used: Locates every instance an ingredient is used so you can make quick and easy substitutions
  • Multiple Servings: Instantly scales recipes for up to five different serving multiples—ideal for scaling batch recipes

Easy-to-Maintain Signature Recipes

  • Create, scale, size and store an unlimited number of recipes with attached photos or plate layout instructions
  • Change the same ingredient in every recipe with the touch of a button
  • Copy and change any Gordon Food Service recipe to suit your operation
  • Instantly analyze recipe costs by portion, yield or selling price
  • Account for hidden expenses such as garnishes or additional labor

Easy-to-Access Recipe Libraries

  • Kitchen-Tested Recipes developed by Gordon Food Service consulting chefs
  • Special recipe ideas from your Customer Development Specialist
  • Maintain recipe privacy, or share with others in your multi-unit operation
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Already a Customer? Register Today for a 30-min Training Session

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