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Our Tools Are Getting An Upgrade!

We’re excited to continue our commitment to innovation and resources for growing your business. That’s why we’ve partnered with Margin Edge to bring you Gordon Restaurant Pro, and with meez to bring you Gordon Culinary Pro. Both of these tools would be a good replacement for the existing Recipe Manager and Inventory Manager tools. Don’t worry - we’re here to help and you’ll love the new features and benefits! Learn more below about these new tools and what this means for you.

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Restaurant Management Made Easy            

This total restaurant management system was built from software designed by restaurant operators who know what it takes to lead a successful restaurant. 

Connect POS and accounting for daily P&L

Compare actual and theoretical food cost

Automated invoice processing

Instantly track food and labor costs

Recipe management

Monthly cost: $300

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Gordon Culinary Pro

Elevate Your Recipe Management

This solution allows chefs and culinary team members to create and organize their recipes efficiently and train staff quickly. Foodservice operators can view theoretical food costs, track recipes and ingredients, as well as share photos and videos of recipes for staff training.

Create recipes using a built-in database

Stay organized with recipe books, notes, videos, photos, etc.

Accurate price charts and updated costs in real-time

Monthly cost: $134

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What is the Timeline?

As you get to know the new tools, the existing Recipe Manager and Inventory Manager options will still be available for a limited time. We will walk you through migrating your business information, inventory management, and recipes into our new tools as well. Recipe Manager and Inventory Manager will both be discontinued officially in December of 2022. Reach out to your Gordon Food Service Sales Representative for more information.

Looking For Different Options?

We understand that your needs are as unique as your business. Our partners at Back of House work diligently to offer technology and support resources to meet you where you are. If Gordon Restaurant Pro or Gordon Culinary Pro are not the best fit for you, view our Solutions Partners for more options.

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