Tyson Red Label®

Any Way You Look At It You See Goodness

That’s the unwavering promise of the Tyson Red Label® brand from Tyson Foodservice. It’s a whole new angle on better.

Now all chicken in the Tyson Red Label® product line is raised with No Antibiotics Ever, and 100% All Natural* selections are also available. 

Tyson Red Label® products were created to offer you a better combination of quality and performance with the most popular chicken forms and flavor profiles in tiered options that deliver the price points you need to thrive. You can count on the perfect balance of breading and flavor, the right textures and the perfect color to deliciously distinguish your dishes. 

Chicken Raised With No Antibiotics Ever

At Tyson Foods, we believe that nothing should prevent you from offering everything that’s important to your patrons. That’s why you can feel good about serving Tyson Red Label® chicken raised with No Antibiotics Ever—and your patrons can feel great about enjoying it. We offer a full No Antibiotics Ever product line for complete menu solutions, and our No Antibiotics Ever promise is just one more example of our commitment to continuous improvement. 

*Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients

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