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Meeting the Challenge for Multi-Unit Restaurant Food Operators

We have more than 115 years of experience in the food service industry, and we have worked with chain and multi-unit operators to provide dedicated support, products, and services - the kind that can help your chain or multi-unit operation thrive. 

We understand that chain and multi-unit operations are one of the toughest, most competitive segments in the restaurant industry. To succeed takes a clear brand identity and creative approaches to customer satisfaction, as well as consistent and reliable service. 

Delivering Value to Multi-Unit Restaurant Owners and Operators

Our team of professionals has years of experience partnering with thousands of fine dining, casual dining, family-style dining, fast-casual, and quick-serve customers across many aspects of their business.

Our core team is centralized so communication is clear and consistent to make your operations more efficient. This team is made up of a National Chain Account Manager, Account Coordinator, Inside Sales Representative, Contract Administration Professional, and a Logistics Analyst. 

Regular communications are used to aid in planning for promotions, business reviews, reporting on key performance indicators, as well as any logistics, inventory, and supply chain efficiencies. 

Delivering Quality To Our Customers: Every Day, Every Time

Quality is our daily commitment to you. Our mission is to ensure that every product meets defined standards of food safety and product quality. We achieve this through industry-leading, repeatable processes that engage all aspects from farm or field to fork (including product creation, manufacturing, transportation, distribution, and end-user application). These processes require a team approach and our team is properly trained and strategically placed to maintain these standards throughout the business. We also use key metrics by supplier and customer to evaluate our performance and seek measurable ways to continuously improve for food safety, sanitation, and consistency. 


Receiving personnel inspect every incoming load of product for correct temperatures, damage, condition, and truck cleanliness. Perishable products are received on temperature-controlled docks and promptly placed into refrigerated or frozen storage. All nonconforming product is rejected. 

Warehousing: Storage and Selection

A temperature integrity system is in place to ensure that proper refrigeration and freezer temperatures are maintained in the receiving, storage, and shipping areas. Our automated system has both internal and external alarms monitored 24 hours a day. As added precaution, temperatures are also manually monitored daily to verify system accuracy.

Shipping and Transportation: Our Trailers

Products are delivered in our climate-controlled trucks by professional and courteous drivers that use hand-held technology to ensure your order is delivered accurately and on time.

  • All frozen and refrigerated products are shipped from temperature-controlled docks onto pre-cooled delivery trailers.
  • Freezer storage is separated from refrigerated and dry products by an insulated bulkhead.
  • Insulated curtains provide a barrier between interior and exterior temperatures.

Restaurant Food Distribution: Supply Chain Efficiencies

We are always looking for more efficient ways to partner with our customers that allow us to manage costs, improve our service, and ensure timely delivery. We have established tighter controls and increased predictability of freight-management activities to ensure on-time delivery. In addition, we have implemented consistent, long-term freight optimization to help manage and contain costs even as expenses, such as fuel prices, fluctuate. As a restaurant food supplier, close and continuous monitoring of every step in the freight-management process helps us to address immediate issues that affect cost and service.

Guidelines, Practices, and Procedures

Our Quality Assurance Team has developed comprehensive programs and a complete set of guidelines, practices, and procedures that cover all aspects of our business. To be complete, these food quality and safety processes must be maintained through supplier, to Gordon Food Service, to you - the customer.

  • Comprehensive HACCP food safety programs that meet or exceed the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), United States Department of Commerce, and our customers
  • Temperature integrity system to ensure proper cold chain management
  • Comprehensive recall practice through a centralized and automated notification system
  • Centralized-product Q&A department and quality complaint process
  • Transportation technology combines hand-held computers with sophisticated software to provide you with faster check-in, instant order and invoice accountability, and easy access to documentation. The process is simple and thorough

Strategic Distribution Centers

Larger, strategically located Distribution Centers (DCs) create efficiency and reduce inbound costs. Our automated DCs will reduce manual handling, decrease labor costs, minimize damage, and improve accuracy. Our DC staff works from a pay-for-performance program that promotes accuracy, speed and efficiency while servicing our customers’ multi-unit franchises.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

No matter your operation size or type, we can partner with you to help your business grow and succeed. 

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