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To ensure your restaurant has the flexibility to meet the changing demands of the marketplace and stay profitable, good menu management is essential. Your restaurant menu defines the experience you deliver and your style and personality. It also gives you the flexibility to reflect the season, special events and promotions. What's important is managing your menu to suit your operations, provide quality, value, and help you control costs.

Menu Management Leads to Higher Customer Satisfaction 

If you don’t know what your meals cost, you don’t know whether you’re making money or giving it away. Careful restaurant menu design balances margins with other factors related to taste, appearance, and seasonality. 

Designed exclusively for Gordon Food Service customers, Recipe Manager can help you compare food costs to the suggested menu price so that you can make strategic decisions that can help manage margins. This tool is available 24/7 through Gordon Experience.

Benefits of Recipe Manager

  • Create, maintain, and store recipes
  • Access hundreds of Kitchen-Tested Recipes
  • Use real-time pricing to price out custom recipes

Menu design should not be an arbitrary decision - it should be a strategic plan designed to create a unique experience for your customers, and one that defines your restaurant. 

The key to a profitable menu is to keep a relatively small menu of items that you’re known for, the dishes that differentiate your restaurant menu, and to supplement these with short-term and seasonal offerings that provide flexibility in pricing.

Restaurant Menu Ideas: Value of Limited Time Offerings

Meet the changing demands of your customers with menu offerings that can accommodate complex and evolving food trends. Limited Time Offerings (LTOs) can add excitement to your menu, reflect the seasons and holidays, and allow you to experiment with new menu items that could become permanent menu fixtures. 

LTOs also allow you to meet competitive offerings, depart from your restaurant theme as a change-of-pace, or serve as the foundation for a promotion. LTOs are low-impact because you can discontinue the offering without affecting your core-menu. Offered exclusively for Gordon Food Service customers, LTO Direct can be used to create custom menu inserts, comment cards, labels, and other marketing materials.

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We have worked with restaurant operators to develop their restaurant food ideas into successful menus for more than 115 years. We can help you develop and manage your restaurant’s menu to satisfy your customers and boost your bottom line.

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