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Continuing Education Credits

We have applied for continuing education credits for all of our seminars from the following associations: American Culinary Federation, Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals, Nutrition and Dietetics, and School Nutrition Association.


Seven Touch Points of Customer Experience

9:30 a.m.
Presented by Ken Wasco, Gordon Food Service Customer Effectiveness Manager

Learn opportunities to enhance your customer's experience throughout their time in your operation. Focus is on the role of the front of the house team and your facility's overall atmosphere, and how all the teams in your business must work together to achieve the best possible customer experience and to be sure your brand is clearly conveyed.

Intended for all operators. Of special interest to chefs, owners and managers.



10:30 a.m.
Presented by Chef Gerry Ludwig, CEC, Gordon Food Service Corporate Consulting Chef

According to research firm Technomic, the two factors that consumers most often cite when choosing a restaurant are menu items that cannot be prepared easily in the home, and items they cannot find at another restaurant in their area.

Creating menu offerings that your customers cannot find elsewhere is one of the most potent strategies for building sales and creating competitive differentiation. That is why the focus of the annual Restaurant Research Tours that Chef Gerry and the Gordon Food Service Culinary R&D Team conduct each year in major U.S. cities centers on finding the most creative new trends and dishes on the leading edge of mainstream dining.

In this seminar, Chef Gerry will highlight five of these new menu opportunities that span the dayparts and are applicable to both commercial and non-commercial operations. Along the way, Gerry will provide practical recommendations for incorporating these dishes into your menu with the help of carefully created Gordon Food Service Kitchen Tested Recipes.

Intended for all operators. Of special interest to chefs, owners and managers.


Menu Branding

11:30 a.m.
Presented by Doug Owens, Gordon Food Service Commercial Segment Manager

This session will clarify why branding is so important as operators battle for consumer market share like never before. The  time will be spent on branding overall and specifically to the menu will be emphasized. This is so operators can go back to their business with actionable strategies to drive their business. Following this session live consultation with operators regarding this menu and the impact of their brand will be conducted in the Catalyst booth. So bring your menus!

Intended for all operators. Of special interest to chefs, owners and managers.



12:30 P.m.
Presented by ADS / US Chemical Experts

A small reduction in water and electricity usage can make a big impact on your bottom line.  Little everyday practices like rinsing the dishes and loading the dish machine might be costing you big. Did you know that if you are rinsing dishes for three hours a day - switching to a low-flow/high efficiency valve can save 180 gallons of water a day, that’s about $900-1000 a year!  Industry experts will join us for this session and help you identify money-saving changes in ware washing and laundry.

Intended for all customer segments with focus on Healthcare and Lodging.