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Give us 20 minutes, and we’ll give you a solutions-oriented presentation on a critical issue impacting your business. Attend as many sessions as you like, all in the Catalyst Booth.

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Social Recruiting—Hiring & Retaining the Right Employee

Time: 10:30am and 1:00pm
Every segment of the foodservice industry experiences high levels of employee turnover, and the rates are on the rise as the economy strengthens. Control the expense of employee turnover by hiring the right person and increasing employee satisfaction. This session will provide strategies on finding potential candidates through channels like social media, increasing the number of applicants, and hiring the right employee. Come learn about how to economically deliver hiring solutions your operation needs.

Waste, Spoilage, Overstock—Cash Out of Your Pocket

Time: 11:00am
Utilizing Gordon Food Service Inventory Manager with your employees helps reduce hidden costs while improving profitability and guest experience. Join us to learn how we can help you effectively use the foods you order, as well as order only the foods you need in the right quantities. Using this powerful tool with your employees can return profits to your operation today.

Technology in Restaurants: Eat or be Eaten

Time: 11:30am and 2:00pm
In the restaurant industry, only the smartest and strongest survive. Streamlined operations, an excellent customer experience, and general business savvy are essential for running a profitable restaurant. Now, more than ever, technology impacts every facet of your restaurant, from back-of-house reporting to front-of-house customer experience. This presentation will demonstrate how you can use technology to make more money in 2016. This session is for people planning to upgrade restaurant technology, skeptical about how tech can help, and for those who want to learn more about how Toast and Gordon Food Service are working together to serve restaurateurs. 

Enhancing & Selling Your LTO

Time: 12:00pm and 2:30pm
Running a limited-time offer can be very profitable and is a great way to test new menu ideas. Take advantage of a low-cost, exclusive design tool to enhance your marketing of limited-time offers. Join the MenuStudioPlus team and learn how to get the most out of your limited-time offer and even create marketing materials today!

Healthcare Technology Solutions

Time: 12:30pm
Learn which module of Cycle Menu Management (CMM) best fits your healthcare community and learn about Tray Ticket—a new resident management solution. This module connects resident information to menu cycles and allows for specific substitutions and allergy corrections. Let CMM save you time, money, and reduce serving errors.

Technology Behind Your Menu's Success

Time: 1:30pm
One of your restaurant's best ambassadors is the menu. It can be the key to building a lasting impression for customers, so everything that goes onto the menu matters. If you're considering a new menu or looking to revamp an existing one, come learn about strategies and technology to make the most of every menu item—create and manage recipes, review food costs, and utilize labor efficiently.