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We know firsthand the importance of supporting local businesses, and we understand that operators continue to search for locally sourced products. We are intentional in our pursuit of those options, and strive to ensure that these products meet the requirements for food safety, quality, and availability of supply. In an effort to empower our customers to buy locally, we have developed tools to make the process easy and convenient.

Using NearBuy, a vendor-supplied, product-source database designed specifically for the food service industry, you can identify your local purchases.

More Information, Made More Useful

We know  that in the past standard local reporting has only yielded the corporate or warehouse addresses, and not the location in which produce is harvested, or livestock is fed. Through NearBuy, we periodically work with our suppliers to capture, catalog, and validate comprehensive vendor-supplied data and reports, allowing you to know exactly where your products are coming from. 

Reporting Functions

Using the NearBuy database, you can identify local content for your Gordon Food Service purchases based on any of the following parameters—all of which are defined by you:

  • Supplier headquarters
  • Manufacturing location for the specific product
  • If there's a predominant ingredient (2/3 or more of the product composition), the state origin of that ingredient

You also have the ability to: 

  • Obtain information on all the products we stock from a certain state, or within a specific distance of your ZIP code. 
  • Place a request for information on the products you’re currently purchasing, or find additional products available for sale within your designated geography. 
  • Define what level of detail you want, from the location of the corporate office or manufacturing site, to the state in which a predominant ingredient originated—or all of the above.

We can also provide you with the number of employees within the selected states supported by purchases. This added feature can offer an even broader understanding of the human impact of your purchases.

Menus, Marketing, and More

NearBuy makes it easier to respond to your customers' inquiries about local products. This information can also be a useful promotional tool. We can work with you to create menus based on products and ingredients from a specific geography. And we can help you develop concepts, signage, and promotional materials that highlight your buy-local initiative.

Giving You What Matters

Our commitment to food safety, quality, and availability takes precedence, so not every product you order may be locally sourced. However, you can be sure that the local products we do identify for you are worthy of your operation and your customers—and that they are indeed nearby.

Annual Stewardship Report

Being a responsible steward is a top priority for our company - from the way we impact the planet we live on, to the people we employ, and the communities we live and work in. We’re committed to improvement and responsible growth, and we are excited to share our 2015 Annual Stewardship Report as it outlines our accomplishments, and the areas we will continue to focus on. 

View our Stewardship Report Infographic Summary