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Halperns' Angus Beef Manhattan Strip Steak

Yield 2 16-oz. servings


  • 2 ct. Halperns' Angus Beef Manhattan Strip Steak Filets, 8 oz. each
  • Salt and Pepper, to taste
  • 3 oz. Gourmet Blend Mushrooms
  • 2 oz. White Truffle Oil
  • 4 oz. Grilled Vegetables
  • 1 ct. Lemon



Wash hands. Wash all fresh, unpackaged produce under running water. Drain well.

1. Lightly season the steak with salt and pepper, and then grill on both sides to its desired doneness.

2. While the steak is cooking, lightly sauté the mushrooms in a little bit of white truffle oil, salt and pepper.

3. Place the grilled vegetables on a warmed serving plate and place the steak on the bed of vegetables. Top with the mushrooms and white truffle oil, then squeeze a lemon over the top.