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Southern Grilled Oysters

Yield 24 servings, 5 oysters each


  • (Recipe) Milanese Bread Crumbs


      • 1 lb. Panko Bread Crumbs
      • 1 c. Parmesan Cheese, grated
      • 2 ct. Lemons, zested
      • 1 Tbsp. Trade East Ground Black Pepper


      1. Place the breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese, lemon zest and pepper in a stainless-steel mixing bowl. Mix thoroughly.

      2. Place in a storage container, cover, label, date and refrigerate until needed.

    1 1/2 c. (Recipe) Milanese Bread Crumbs
  • 120 ct. Oysters, Half Shell
  • (Recipe) Cajun Butter


      • 2 lb. GFS Unsalted Butter, softened
      • 2 Tbsp. Trade East Cajun Seasoning
      • 4 Tbsp. Trade East Coriander


      1. Place the butter, Cajun seasoning and coriander in the stainless-steel bowl of an electric mixer fitted with a paddle attachment. Mix on low speed until well blended.

      2. Set the mixer on low speed. Mix thoroughly.

      3. Place 1 lb. portions of butter on sheets of parchment paper and roll into 2 in. cylinders.

      4. Wrap rolls in plastic to preserve flavor and refrigerate up to one week, or freeze up to two months. 

    1 1/2 lb. (Recipe) Cajun Butter
  • (Recipe) Tomato Jam


      • 2 lb. Markon Roma Tomatoes, roughly chopped
      • 1 c. GFS Jumbo Spanish Onion, finely diced
      • 3/4 c. Markon Red Peppers, finely diced
      • 1/2 c. Water
      • 4 Tbsp. GFS Granulated Sugar
      • 1/4 c. GFS Red Wine Vinegar
      • 1/4 c. GFS Tomato Paste
      • 1 Tbsp. Markon Peeled Garlic, chopped
      • 3 Tbsp. GFS All-Purpose Flour
      • 2 tsp. Kosher Salt
      • 1/2 tsp. Trade East Ground Black Pepper


      1. Trim the tomatoes and quarter. In small batches, place them in a food processor fitted with a metal blade. Pulse chop to a 1/8 in. consistency.

      2. Place the tomatoes, onions, red peppers, water, sugar, vinegar, tomato paste, garlic, flour, salt and pepper in a nonreactive sauce pan. Bring to a simmer. Stir frequently. Simmer until liquid has reduced and mixture has thickened.

      3. Allow to cool. In small batches place the mixture in a food processor fitted with a metal blade. Chop into desired consistency. Place in a nonreactive storage container. Cover, label, date and refrigerate until needed.

    1 1/2 lb. (Recipe) Tomato Jam
  • 2 Tbsp. Markon Green Onions, thinly bias sliced


Wash hands.

1. Place the breadcrumbs on a parchment-lined sheet pan. Place in a 350°F oven. Cook until golden-brown.

2. Place 5 oysters on a metal baking pan. Place in a heated 350°F convection oven. Cook just until the liquid on the shells begin to steam.

3.  Place 1 Tbsp. of breadcrumbs on top of each oyster. Divide 1 oz. of butter between the 5 oysters. Place them under a heated salamander or broiler until the butter begins to melt.

4. Place the oysters on a warmed serving plate so the tips or small end of the shells are touching in the centre. Using a teaspoon, divide 1 oz. of the tomato jam between the 5 oysters, placing the jam on top of the centre of the crumbs. Place 4-5 slices of green onions on top of the jam.