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A Flavor Explosion with Dynamite Sauces

Pepper Mill Dynamite Sauce

Flavor from a variety of peppers combined with the heat of Sriracha sauce come together with cool, creamy mayonnaise in a bang-up flavor combination. Toss deep-fried shrimp in this flavorful sauce. Wherever you want to build in craveability, this powerful sauce is a dynamite option for offering a flavor counterpoint.

  • Labor-Saving
  • Medium-Spiciness
  • Plus-One Application
  • Cross-Utilization
  • Competitive Differentiator

Spice Up Your Menu

  • Toss with breaded, deep-fried shrimp
  • Toss with meatballs
  • Dipping sauce for appetizers, tots, housemade potato chips and seafood
  • Sandwich condiment
  • Sauce for smothered fries and poutines

Pepper Mill Dynamite Sauce
Refrigerated, 1 Gal, 4/Case 705001

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Pepper Mill Dynamite Sauce
Dipping Cups, 2 Fl Oz Package, 96/Case 705011

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