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Crowned with Nutrition

GFS Malted Barley Bread Loaves

GFS Malted Barley Bread Loaves
High Crown, 5/8 Inch Sliced, Thaw-and-Serve, Frozen, 22 Oz Package, 8/Case 751020

Good bread isn’t defined by wheat alone. Barley gives this wheat bread a bit of heft and satisfying chew, while malt adds richness, depth of flavor and appealing color.

  • Frozen: Thaw & Serve
  • 5/8" Sliced
  • Texture
  • Labor-Saving
  • Competitive Differentiator

High Versatility

  • Avocado breakfast toast
  • Signature sandwiches
  • Shareable platter with dips/spreads
  • Burger rafts

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