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Sienna Bakery Mini Naan Bites

Sienna Bakery Mini Naan Bites
7.7 Lbs, 310 - 340 Ct 794757

Our Mini Naan Bites make it easy to menu this Indian flatbread as an appetizer. The hand-stretched dough is made with real buttermilk and ghee, then baked in a tandoor oven for authenticity. They are soft to the bite, but durable to stand up to hearty spreads and toppings.

  • Labor-Saving
  • Consistent Quality
  • On-trend
  • Texture
  • Cross-Utilization
  • Competitive Differentiator

Take A Bite Out of This

  • Appetizers and sharing plates
  • Global mashups
  • Grilled naan as a side
  • Mini-pizzas
  • Falafel sliders
  • Perfect for dipping

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