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Ham It Up

Gordon Signature Applewood-Smoked Ham

Gordon Signature Applewood-Smoked Ham
Natural Juice, Round, Boneless, 8.5 Pound Average, Fresh, 8.5 Lb Avg Package, 2/Case 633773

More than just the star of special dining and holiday occasions, ham is a go-to comfort food year-round. It’s one of the top two sandwich proteins on American menus. It greets diners at breakfast, sustains them at lunch, satisfies at dinner and indulges cravings at snack periods. Our top-quality Applewood-Smoked Carving Ham takes the comfort to a new level. Moist and bathed in its own complex-flavored natural juices, it brings artisanal quality to your carving stations, entrées, sandwiches and all occasions where only a premium ham will do.

  • Boneless
  • Fresh
  • Ready to Use
  • Superior Appearance
  • Texture
  • Superior Eating Experience
  • Flavor
  • High Perceived Plate Value
  • Moist
  • Labor-Saving
  • Cross-Utilization
  • Competitive Differentiator

Smoking Hot Trend

  • Reheat or brown-and-serve applications
  • Carve into entrée portions
  • Petite-slice for tapas and sharing-plates applications
  • Deli-slice for hot or cold sandwiches
  • Global mashups
  • Higher quality protein for collards and other greens

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