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Created to Inspire

To inspire your menu innovation, look to the latest collection of on-trend products and culinary concepts to satisfy customers, bolster the bottom line and hone your competitive edge.

These products offer versatility and cross-utilization opportunities that keep costs low while delivering on guest expectations.

Add pizzazz to your menu with GFS Three Pepper Salsa, made with a blend of jalapeño, Anaheim and chipotle peppers.

Our GFS Cheese Grits deliver big flavor inspired by Southern-style cuisine along with convenience, ready to heat and serve.

Snacks may be small, but they mean big business. Round out your menu with these crispy, flavorful bites made with high quality ingredients.

Our ready-to-use Gordon Signature Seasoned Pork Loin is moist, tender and delivers rich flavor inspired by porchetta.

Pre-cooked and infused with our proprietary rub, this GFS Seasoned Pork Belly crisps up on the outside and is still tender on the inside.

Our distinctive Gordon Signature Korean BBQ Sauce offers exciting new global flavor in a popular format that customers can relate to.

Striking the balance between sweet and savory, with some spiciness, our Trade East Smokehouse Rub offers satisfying, well-rounded flavor.

This Trade East Coconut Lime Seasoning pairs toasted coconut with zesty lime for a distinctive taste sensation.

Our grill-ready GFS Mushroom & Swiss patty incorporates pieces of Swiss cheese and mushrooms to deliver an umami-packed burger.

Our GFS Salsa Verde & Cheese patty is filled with white Cheddar and salsa verde, bringing bold, global flavor to the table.

Richly textured and slightly sweet, this GFS Honey Wheat Bread incorporates on-trend sprouted grain that delivers superior nutrition.

Barley gives this GFS Malted Barley Bread a bit of heft and satisfying chew, while malt adds richness, depth of flavor and appealing color.

Swimming in antioxidants from kale and protein-packed quinoa, this GFS Chicken, Kale & Quinoa Soup is as good for the body as the soul.

With their hearty texture and robust flavors, GFS Ancient Grain Oatmeal will appeal to diners who seek foods with a health halo.

Our top-quality Gordon Signature Applewood-Smoked Ham is naturally smoked, maintaining its own complex-flavored natural juices.

Our GFS Sun-Fry Sunflower Oil is made with a unique blend of high oleic and mid-oleic sunflower oils, and its GMO-free.

Our Gordon Signature Maryland-Style Crab Cakes are loaded with colorful chunks of bell peppers with the rich, buttery flavor seafood lovers crave.

Flavor from a variety of peppers along with the heat of Sriracha sauce collide with a creamy mayonnaise in a bang-up flavor combination, available in 2 pack sizes.

These GFS Sauerkrauts are made with premium cabbage and packaged conveniently to preserve freshness and flavor, available in classic and craft-beer flavors.

This Gordon Signature Cauliflower Farro Veggie Burger is made with beans, red and white quinoa, roasted cauliflower, farro, and much more.

This Gordon Signature Sweet Potato Veggie Burger includes roasted sweet potato, cannellini beans, roasted portobello mushrooms, and more.

This Gordon Signature Pineapple Beet Veggie Burger boasts wild rice, roasted red and yellow beets, roasted pineapple, and more.

Our Sienna Bakery Mini Naan Bites are made with hand-stretched dough, real buttermilk and ghee, then baked in a tandoor oven for authenticity.

Our GFS Falafel Mix combines dried ground chickpeas with a blend of aromatic spices making prep easy, just add water.

With its tart taste and intense color, this Pepper Mill Blood Orange Vinaigrette Dressing offers the variety and flavor diners crave.

Our luscious, herby Pepper Mill Green Goddess dressing is a flavor-forward take on a retro classic.