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A premium sandwich experience.

Enhance the Sandwich Experience

Brickman's premium sandwich ingredients offer a selection of premium quality, bold-flavored meats, cheeses, and other front-of-house products to create and enhance the sandwich experience.

Premium Sandwich Ingredients

  • Premium Quality. Crafted using time-honored techniques, clean labels (ingredient statements), and natural cheeses.
  • Bold, Distinctive Flavor. Strong, robust flavors that are distinct from the bread to help create a sandwich experience packed with flavor.
  • Front-of-House Value.

Brickman's products are packed in consumer-friendly packaging and supported by a merchandise program.

Add Brickman's to Your Sandwich Board

Brickman's premuim sandwich ingredients are available exclusively to Gordon Food Service customers. Contact us to learn more. 

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Signature Sandwiches

Create signature sandwiches with Brickman's Meats and Cheeses combined with delicious Sienna Bakery Artisan Breads.