Davis Creek Meats

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A tradition of quality-crafted meats.

A History of Reliability

Davis Creek Meats has a family history that dates to the 1920s. From the very start, they have been committed to providing affordable, flavorful, recipe-ready meats—products such as bonded tenders, chops, and marinated meats. Every product we offer upholds our standards:

  • Economical: Meats that budget-conscious kitchens can plate with pride.
  • Consistency: Each product is crafted the same way every time so you can count on results.
  • Integrity: We deliver what we promise.

Our philosophy is to provide consistency and reliability, bringing you all-purpose cuts that result in tender, juicy, and menu selections that are as delicious as they are affordable.

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No matter your operation size or type, we can partner with you to help your business grow and succeed.


You’ve set the framework, and we want to work with you to serve up the best to your own customers.

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