Gran Sazón

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A celebration of taste and tradition.

Gran Sazón is a family of authentic Hispanic and Latin products that celebrate a love for food, blended with a sense of tradition.


Gran Sazón products are made with true hispanic flavors and recipes for an authentic dining experience.


From shelf-stable tortillas to marinated meats, Gran Sazón products make creating authentic dishes easier.


From vine-ripened tomatoes to mouth-watering spices, Gran Sazón products are made using the freshest ingredients.

The Signs of a Great Tortilla

A great, fresh tortilla is cooked to perfection, has great flavor, and is very soft and pliable for a wide variety of uses.

You'll find these attributes in our Gran Sazón tortillas; they are made by expert cooks with a long-standing tradition of producing the finest tortillas. Best of all, they can be stored at room temperature, so they don't require valuable refrigerator or freezer space.

You can also find Gran Sazón products at your local Gordon Food Service Store. Use our store locator to find a store near you.

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