Delicious Food to Keep Your Menu Appetizing

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Discover our wide variety of prepared appetizers, soups, entrees, and sides, each of which can help you make running your foodservice operation simpler and smoother. We provide consistent and reliable products to meet your needs. 

Prepared Appetizers, Soups, Entrees, and Sides

Use Gordon Food Service prepared entrees & side dishes to transform homemade flavor and quality by simply adding a few ingredients to make them your own. Think outside the tray and easily add these and other signature dishes to your menu.

With a wide selection of prepared entrees and sides, you can build a quick and convenient signature dish, with minimal preparation. Whether you’re looking for a variety of french fries in every length, width, and cut available, or are looking to offer heat-and-serve entrees and sides, such as prepared lasagna, macaroni and cheese, tamales, and more, we continue to provide everything you need to make your dishes memorable.


Our flavorful appetizers deliver made-from-scratch taste your customers will ask for, time and time again. From our comprehensive catalog of appetizers including onion rings, stuffed jalapeños, mozzarella sticks, fried mushrooms, and pickles, to our selection of fresh, frozen, concentrated, canned, and dried soups and chilis, the possibilities for you to grow and expand your food service menu are endless. 

Breakfast Entrées

Take advantage of a prime profit category - breakfast. Our breakfast entrées will help keep your menu fresh and provide the comfort of breakfast classics.

Ethnic Entrées

Our ethnic entrées are made from traditional, time-honored recipes. Each entrée has been carefully prepared using aromatic spices, bold flavors, and colorful ingredients that give each entrée its ethnic taste.

Italian Entrées

All the Italian flavor with a fraction of the work. Freshly made pasta and sauces come together with premium ingredients to create authentic Italian entrées that your customers will crave.

Side Entrées

Your customers will love these delicious side entrées. And because we’ve done all the prep, our sides are easy to add to your menu.

Traditional Entrées

You can taste the quality. We make our entrées just the way you would—from scratch, using the freshest, highest-quality ingredients. 


Fry Oil Savings Calculator

Are you currently using economy fry oil? Save money and improve the color and flavor of your fried food by switching to a high-stability fry oil. Get started with our fry oil savings calculator.

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