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Simpli-Fry High-Stability Oil

Simpli-Fry is a patented blend of frying oil designed to simplify your oil product. Simpli-Fry maximizes your fry life and provides clean food flavor and great golden color, all while maintaining effective cost management. The options are almost endless for frying oils: clear vs. creamy, soy vs. canola, high-oleic vs. low-linoleic, premium vs. commodity one blend vs. another. How do you choose the right one for your kitchen? 

Premium Oil Savings Calculator

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Premium Oil Savings Calculator

You could be saving $3,800 each week or $200,000 per year!*


Annual cost of


Annual cost of
your current oil

Additionally, you’ll use 1,292 less cases per year. You’ll put less plastic in your waste stream each year!

* Estimated savings based on typical cost saving, actual savings may vary.

Additional Savings

  • Does not calculate the following:
  • Cleaning costs
  • Disposal of waste oil
  • Labor savings
  • Lessened environmental impact of using less plastic containers and cardboard.

It’s time to give Simpli-Fry a try! To order, talk to your sales representative or call us at 888-437-3663 and ask for a consultation with our knowledgable sales team.

Benefits of High-Stability Oils *

  • Longer fry life
    • Use less oil
    • Lower cost of production
    • Less oil waste
    • Less frequenty change over
  • Lower absorption
    • Food served has more flavor without the oil taste
    • Have to refill fryer less often as oil remains in fryer as less is absorbed by the food
  • Less flavor transfer
    • When multiple types of food are fried in same oil, foods tend to retain their true flavor without any flavor cross-over.
  • Lower cost to serve
    • Less waste
    • Buying fewer cases
    • Less "out-of-service" fryer cleaning time

* Based on 2011 Penn State independent study

Limitations of Economy Oils

  • Shorter fry life
    • Use more oil
    • Higher cost of production
    • More oil waste
    • More frequent change over
  • High absorption
    • Food can taste more like oil than product you are serving
    • Have to refill fryer more as more oil is absorbed by the food
  • More flavor transfer
    • When multiple types of food are fried in same oil, foods tend to begin tasting like the other food that has been fried in the oil.
  • Higher cost to serve
    • More waste
    • Buying more cases
    • More "out-of-service" fryer cleaning time

Give Simpli-Fry a Try!

Gordon Food Service Customers

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Fryer Tips for Maximizing Your Oil Life

  • DO keep fryer at 350°F
  • DO filter regularly
  • DO calibrate fryer thermostats
  • DO cover fryers at night to prevent oxidation of the oil
  • DON’T salt food over the fryer
  • DON’T over fill fryer baskets
  • DON’T clean fryers with metal or abrasive material