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Our Catalyst program fuels your business to move it forward, faster. From sales building and cost control, to staffing and compliance, our Catalyst program marries our exclusive, best-in-class tools and solutions with implementation and expertise, empowering you to uncover new opportunities for success.

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Sales Building Cost Control Staffing Compliance

Sales Building

Are you leveraging the latest marketing trends? Are you attracting new customers and repeat business? At Gordon Food Service, we employ knowledgeable professionals that can help you develop an effective on trend food marketing program that will help boost sales and grow your business. We also have many resources available to you as a customer to increase food sales.

Consultative services

The Nutrition Resource Center (NRC) is is staffed by registered dieticians and consults with our customers about their K-12 and healthcare menu plans. The staff can analyze recipes and provide nutrition analysis information, such as calories, saturated fat, and sodium.

Healthcare services and tools

The NRC offers healthcare operations a wide variety of tools designed specifically to enhance productivity and improve efficiency and accuracy. From starter menu cycles with basic or elaborate software packages, in-service modules, to products based on nutrient value, the NRC offers unique resources for healthcare providers.

K-12 education services and tools

A Gordon Food Service exclusive, our annual Making the Grade book and CD package is a complete resource for planning and marketing your foodservice program. Tools include menu suggestions, USDA meal criteria, nutritional information, menu templates, recipes, activities for kids, and more. NRC dietitians also have developed extensive training tools to help schools meet wellness mandates.

Cost Control

On a foodservice operation's profit and loss statement, food costs can be highly volatile and labor is the second largest cost after operating expenses. So managing food and labor costs is critical to profitability. Gordon Food Service can help you control costs with a variety of services and online tools and industry experts.

Financial Management by MeasureIT

Healthcare administrators and executives expect food service professionals to understand their operating costs and how their operation is performing in relation to the budget and goals of the entire facility. Gordon Food Service makes that easy with MeasureIT, a financial management Excel-based tool available exclusively to our healthcare customers.

Analyze Food Costs

Recipe Manager will help you analyze food costs so you can make strategic decisions to boost your profitability.

"I've been using the Recipe Manager for 11 months now. It's been fantastic. It's been eye opening and I've learned a lot about my menu. I've probably saved about 15% over the last year. I've taken stuff off my menu. I've learned a lot. It's been spectacular for my business. Now I'm ready to learn the Inventory Manager." ~ Anthony Locascio, Al's Pizzeria (Illinois)

Inventory Control

Inventory Manager helps you keep track of the money you have in your inventory. It organizes stock sheets for maximum efficiency, assigns inventory tags, and evaluates the dollar value of your inventory over a period of time.

Manage Cycle Menus

With Cycle Menu Management, we’ve made it easy for you to manage recipes and cycle menus to control food costs and meet nutrition requirements and school regulation.

Learn to Use Our Online Tools

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Does your help wanted sign ever come down? Gordon Food Service can help reduce your turnover rate with a variety of proven foodservice training programs that are easy to maintain and implement. Improve your bottom line and staff efficiencies with our available training resources.

Industry expertise

We offer in-depth coaching and training on a variety of operation topics from customer service to cleaning and sanitation, from food allergies and flavoring foods. Our support staff, development specialists, chefs, registered dieticians, and service personnel are ready to help you train your staff

Food Safety Training

The Nutrition Resource Center at Gordon Food Service is staffed by registered dieticians and a support team that can provide you with the latest food-safety information and training resources and consult with you about your operation.


Maintaining appropriate food safety management standards may help you avoid potentially devastating foodborne illness outbreaks. As many as 1 in 10 Americans acquire a foodborne illness from a foodservice operation each year. Our Nutrition Resource Center offers compliance and regulation training.

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